St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Bristol

DK Movement is all about giving back and helping those in need! SVDP needed assistance getting some rooms painted in the shelter. We came to the rescue and have fun painting for a great cause!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! Here we go another year, another 12 months, another 365 days to get it right. New Year, new me is what we all say. We write down our new year resolutions, our goals we want to achieve and go all in at the beginning. Our intentions this time is not to give up or to try something different, something new.  To leave all the negativity behind us, to separate ourselves from negative people, environments anything that is not good for us. We take a look at what we didn’t achieve last year and what changes are needed this time around. It maybe the same thing we said before but this time we really mean it. Why does it take it to be a New Year for us to decided that we want to make these changes or feel the obligation to do so now? Does the beginning of a new year differ then the middle of the year? Does the outcome differ if you make the changes in the beginning of the year then the end? Why do we wait for the new year to do these things? Every day we wake up is a new opportunity to make those changes, to make a difference in your life. You don’t need to wait nor feel obligated to only start at a certain time. We are blessed everyday to restart our journey with a different outlook then we had the day before. This is the beauty of a New Day! So lets think of Happy New Year which we only say once a year to Happy New Day where we are given the opportunity to restart, rebuild, have a different outlook for this new day and remember each and every day how truly blessed we really are. Let’s focus every day on the good, the positive things in life and be grateful for those things. We turn on the tv, go to social media, and all we focus on is the negative, what others have, what we feel we should have to feel fulfilled in life instead of looking into ourselves, our families and seeing how much you already have and thank God for it. So if not now, then when will you challenge yourself, to wake up everyday and to be grateful for one thing you have in your life and whatever changes or goals you have set for yourself, use each and everyday to your benefit to achieve them. 

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