St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Bristol

DK Movement is all about giving back and helping those in need! SVDP needed assistance getting some rooms painted in the shelter. We came to the rescue and have fun painting for a great cause!

We Stand United!

We Stand United!

It has been a rough 2 years and we have learned a lot about ourselves and the people around us. There has been a lot of separation between people and communities. This is not just because of quarantine; this is from the mindset that has been created by others.  Our society has been torn apart and people who once promoted unity now scream hate.  How did we come to this? We have been through protest, where everyone seemed united for one cause. Black Lives Matter, which in any case All Lives Matter. But now your life doesn’t matter if you make a choice not to be vaccinated. Why? Why must we separated and belittle anyone who makes a personal choice. Whether you make the decision to be vaccinated or not, that should be your choice and not one made for you. If we continue to allow choices to be made for us, what situation would be next? What rights will be taken from us before we wake up and realize the reality, we live in. Don’t we live in a country where we have freedom of speech and the right to make our own choices? Don’t we live in a country where it is the land of opportunity, the place where you can make dreams happen? It does not seem to be a land of freedom and opportunity anymore. You are not allowed to do move around freely if you don’t disclose personal information. You can’t make a personal decision for yourself or your family without criticism. We are all human no matter of the color of our skin, choices we make, or the life we live. No one should be judge for any circumstance because you do not know why they made that choice or why they may be in a certain situation. You never know when your life can take a turn, so be kind to the people around you and to yourself. Because of this pandemic, many lives were lost prematurely. Unfortunately, we have seen that you can be here today and gone tomorrow so why do we want to live our days full of hate and anger towards others. We must Stand United to bring back family values, morals, and positivity amongst our communities and within our families. This pandemic has either brought families together or torn families apart as well has friendships and relationships.  We must Stand United to bring back the feeling of togetherness and peace. How would we ever find peace within ourselves, if the environment we live in is so chaotic?  I challenge you after reading this to look inside yourself and ask yourself “Do you love yourself?”. I know that question may seem ridiculous because OF COURSE I LOVE MYSELF! but if you don’t TRULY love yourself, decisions you make and the life that you live is not living it to it’s full potential. Knowing your worth and the values you live by, can only make you a strong and confident person to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. We must Stand United to remember where we come from and who we truly are because only then would we live in a world where we are truly free, and we finally are at peace. If Not Now, Then When will we all realize that we are responsible for our lives, and only we can pave the way to our future.

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