We started our company to give back and inspire others! Here are the many opportunities we have had the opportunity to motivate others to become their best self! 

Group Home Visit

Derek was asked to speak at a group home for young boys and of course Derek did not hesitate to say yes. He enjoys to share his story of the experiences he faced as a child going into adulthood that many would find difficult to hear. If you look back at his childhood, many would feel he would never make it, never do anything positive with his life and may never even make it into adulthood. However, he made it. Through his own drive and motivation, he knew he would be successful! Now it's time to share with others and inspire them. Let our younger generation know no matter what happens in life you can overcome those obstacles. In this picture, these young boys learned they do not have to let their past define their future. They are working on vision boards and we can not wait to see what their future holds! 

Cambridge Park Clubhouse Bristol Boys & Girls Club Career Day

We always love the opportunity to be able to speak to the youth. So when ask to speak at the Cambridge Park Boys and Girls Clubhouse for their Career Day we did not hesitate to say yes. We decided to share with them our journey and how we manifested our goals. We worked with them in envisioning what they would want to accomplish and how to put those goals on a vision board. It was exciting to listen to each of there goals and helping think of the steps needed to reach them.

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