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Derek Jones

Growing up, Derek Jones was a natural when it came to sports, and knew that his athletic abilities would pay off in the long run. Throughout his young adulthood career, Derek’s focus was on becoming the best salesman, which he exceeded all the expectations set for him always ranking top in the company. However, there was a brief period in his adult life, when he dealt with a massive weight gain and knew he had to make a change and get back to what he knew.
Through self determination & dedication, Derek took it upon himself to change his life through healthy eating choices and physical fitness. Currently, he is a Personal Trainer & Running Coach. Derek is a successful runner, participating in over 20 5k races, within the past 2 years, winning medals and getting notice among the running community in Connecticut. Many see him as an inspiration and seek his knowledge and insight. Due to his success in his weight loss and growth in the running field, Derek’s story was featured on a well renowned running store’s website to help inspire others in their journey.With his sales driven mindset and always reaching towards success, Derek does not let anything stand in his way. This is the reason he strives to inspire others to help and encourage them through his own experiences for they can start their own journey in getting healthy & fit.  

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Kelly Houston

Fashion & entertainment have always held a presence in Kelly’s life. Working in the modeling industry for many years, she has been in various urban and fashion magazines such as Vibe & Seventeen, worked with hair companies such as Avalon and graced the runway for various urban and high fashion designers during Fashion Week. Taking a break, Kelly hung up her stilettos to become a mom, and started a new career as a Lactation Consultant. However, the calling came back when she attended an event and saw a red carpet. From that day on, she grabbed a mic and began a new endeavor as a Red-Carpet Hostess. 
Kelly was a recognized and sought personality in New York especially for upcoming designers and brands seeking promotion of their products for her to use and wear at events & bookings. She has had the pleasure to interview celebrities on the red carpet and was given an opportunity to become a radio host in a "Saturday Morning Show" on an online radio station. Some may call Kelly a trendsetter, with her wild crazy colorful hair and love for fashion with an outgoing personality that draws people in. Currently a resident of Connecticut, Kelly’s passion is to inspire others to never give up on their dreams, and to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through healthy choices and a positive mindset.


'"When you find that special someone, keep them near and close to your heart. Never take anyone for granted and always remember to love yourself"
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