Why DK Movement

What makes us different from our competitors, is our fabrics come into market 1-2 weeks earlier and sold out within 3 weeks to factories. This gives our products compared to other brands, a High-Quality Fresh feeling. Other brands use stocked fabrics that may be sitting in warehouse for many years prior to use. Our garments are produce using Long-Lasting, Recyclable and Sustainable fabrics. In addition to our soft feeling materials, our garments are Versatile keeping you ready for any occasion whether its a run in the park or evening out with friends.
Our lightweight jogger sets, shorts and jackets are soft, lightweight and fully comfortable for skin, exercise, casual and outdoors activities.
Fabrics are constructed using overlock stitching for jackets, shirts, shorts and tracksuits. Our activewear is made from fabrics that uses 4 needle flatlock stitching to give it a 4-way stretch. This Moisture-Wicking fabric has two main purposes and that is to quickly transfer sweat to the fabric's top layer and to quickly dry out so that your sweat doesn't soak through the fabric. Vinyl printing is used to create Quiet Stretching, Soft feeling and High-Quality garments. Inks used for Sublimation is permanent on fabrics once printed it will be like a part of the fabric.